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VTech Wizard was a handheld console released on 1981, then in 1984. The console was then released in a new variant with a smaller form factor. This console may have existed in an earlier form very similar to the Grandstand Adam from 1979.

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  • The Wizard Mini has a smaller form factor, with larger buttons that are more raised.
    • The original Wizard has a circle at the center to show the LED lights for feedback, while the Mini instead of a circle has the black area take up most of the surface area on top of the console.
    • Grandstand's Adam whole console is black, instead of the typical beige.


  • The original console was aimed towards those 7 and up in age as shown on the box.
  • In the movie "Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century" the door access panels used are actually Mini Wizard consoles on the wall.


Grandstand's Adam

VTech's Wizard

VTech's Mini Wizard

Waddington's Wizard


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