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Welcome to the wiki. This wiki's purpose is to give people a convenient, and easy way to learn info on VTech, and their products.

For Our Fandom Wiki for all fan made info on VTech, Click Here: https://vtechfanon.fandom.com/wiki/

Despite this wiki being for all VTech products, we won't be having any articles relating to LeapFrog. Any articles talking about anything LeapFrog will be removed, with the exception being company article, and any blog/forum posts about LeapFrog. Why it's like this is because a wiki for LeapFrog already exists.

VTech's official manual search tool, useful to get official scans for VTech products for research.

Something else useful is this catalog of every known V.Smile game from the official Mame GitHub page, which also includes a guide for reading the game ids.

If someone is causing troubles, and think they should be reported, refer here. Users list (can be useful if you need to find a specific user)

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Below are some links to some VTech related communities on different sites.

/r/vtech, /r/VSmile, VTech's YouTube channel

World of Modding Discord Server - Has not only V.Smile, but also loads of other obscure consoles like Leapster

Big Leapster Hacking/Decoding Discord Server - Despite it mainly focusing on Leapster, they still talk about V.Tech products. I recommend going to World of Modding as that place has dedicated V.Tech channels.


Below we have some category links to explore.
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Categorizing Computers

When categorizing an article that is a computer or laptop, you have to know what functions the computer has before adding the category. If the computer has many features a standard computer would have such as word processor, printer, an operating system, ect then categorize it as Computers. If the computer doesn't have an operating system and it's only function is too basic to be considered an actual computer of the era when compared with those others, then mark it as a Toy Computer. Going more in depth on some examples of a Toy Computer are things such as the Little Smart See Me Learn Laptop, the only things this can do is do very basic activities without even having a standard LCD screen like with most of VTech's actual non-toy computers. While some Toy Computers do have an LCD screen, they're often times at a much smaller screen resolution than the cones from VTech that can actually do standard computing functions, with one of the few exceptions to this being the VTech Pre-Computer 1000 as it is nearly as capable as the newer computers, being able to let you code programs in Basic, but has a small screen resolution of 20x2 pixels. An example of a non-toy computer is VTech's Pre-Computer Navigator

Categorizing Phones

The above also applies for phones, but are a bit more simpler due to actual phones letting you be able to call, while toy phones at the most letting you "call" a fictional character. For real phones simply use the category Phones, while toy phones that can't call will use Toy Phone. The only product I can think off that is slightly hard to categorize for is a phone that was only seen on a VTech catalog in 2006 which was a cell phone designed for kids, but had most of the same features as a usual cell phone of the time such as calling, and texting while still in a bright orange plastic that makes it look toy like.

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