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V.Smile Motion was a predecessor to the V.Smile released 2008-12 (see proper date), and was discontinued in 2012 (again, check this year). It is more of a revision of the V.Smile, adding a new feature of Wireless controllers with motion controls, and as such is fully compatible with original V.Smile games, and motion ones, even having some games re-released on the V.Smile Motion such as Winnie The Pooh, and Soccer/Football Challenge.


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Not nearly as much as the original V.Smile, but it did have a few.

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Also on V.Smile

This is the table for games released on both the V.Smile, and Motion as separate releases. To see these go to the article for the V.Smile.

Exclusive On V.Motion
Name Year Notes
Action Mania ~2007
Cars 2 2011
My Friends Tigger & Pooh: Tigger's Bedtime for Bouncer ?
Ni Hao, Kai Lan: Happy Chinese New Year! 2009
NASCAR Academy: Race Car Superstar ?
Shrek Forever After 2010
Snow Park Challenge ~2008
Super Why: The Beach Day Mystery 2008
Untitled Bumba Game TBA 2008 Marked 72nd game?

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Wild Waves ?
Wonder Pets! Save The Animals! 2008
Brave ? Does this even exist?

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Paw Patrol: Pups Save the Carnival! 2014 Might not be real, don't even

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Clanners: Explora El Mundo 2011 Marked 73rd game, Unreleased


  • This is the last release of the V.Smile before the console line being retired.



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  2. A site showing the V.Link functionality, where you could earn some sort of points
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