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To do: There is another variant called the V.Baby that has more advanced features, could possibly even be it's own console, and has it's own set of games in different cases possibly.


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If anyone has a console not from America, please look at the model number to see if there different from the other regions.

Insert info on the console here. It was sold in Orange & White, and Baby Blue & White.

List of Smartridges

Title Year Notes
A Day On The Farm 2005
Baby Einstein: World of Discoveries ~2006+
Bailey Goes to Town ~2006+
Barney: Let's Go To A Party! 2007
Care Bears Care-A-Lot Park ~2006+ The US release is just Care Bears.
Discovery With Baby Mickey & Friends ~2006+
Learn & Discover Home 2005/2006
Mother Goose ~2006+
Noah's Ark Animal Adventure ~2006+
Pooh's Hundred Acre Wood Adventure ~2006+ On Wikipedia has "My Friends Tigger

and Pooh:" tacked on the title, is 13th game?

The Backyardigans: Big Backyard Adventure UNKNOWN
Time For Teletubbies ~2006+
Cars: Radiator Springs Journey 2006/2007 Can't find info on this one, not real?

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  • Out of all the console in the V-series of systems, this had the least games released for it.
  • On 6/1/2006 the patent was filed, and on 9/18/2007 it was granted with the patent expected to expire on 9/18/2021.



  1. The V.Smile Baby's intro as a sprite sheet.
  2. A forum talking about dumping V.Smile games, which on it mentions the Amstrad CPC expansion bay connector using the same pins as a V.Smile Smartridge.
  3. A supposed V.Smile database. The link says it can't be found, but says it was posted November 6th, 2016, has 3/5 Stars, and 60 Downloads.
  4. Patent for the console itself.
  5. A patent of the console's controller.

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