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Hehehe! V.Smile! - V.Pal's line in the V.Smile startup

V.Pal is the official mascot of The V.Smile & V.Smile Pro Brand of Learning Systems.


V.Pal is designed to look like the Gen 1 V.Smile Console with his body being the main unit of the console & his hands & feet as the console's feet. He also has 2 small black eyes & an orange mouth with yellow cheeks


V.Pal has been shown with 2 Voices, A female one & a male one. The former was used in the startup animation & the latter used in the Games V.Smile Art Studio, V.Smile Dance 'N Learn & V.Smile Smart Keyboard.

Baby V.Pal

Baby V.Pal.png

Baby V.Pal or V.Baby is the V.Smile Baby's mascot. Unlike his Bigger Counterpart he is baby blue & has large orange Mickey Mouse-esque Hands & Shoes. He is also the only one to get a redesign.


According to V.Smile Smart Keyboard, he is half-the height of a human, being only 3 feet in size.


VSmile Logo.svg
V.Pal on The Cyber Pocket's Box