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V.Flash (Known as V.Smile Pro in Europe) is a 32-bit console released in September 2006. It was a commercial failure and was discontinued in 2007. The console had a very small library of only 11 games, with one being unreleased.


Unlike the V.Smile, the V.Flash has a system menu which features the following.

Features Accessories
Data Management Memory Card
V.Flash CD Player CD (Via CD Caddy)
Picture Viewer Memory Card & CD Caddy


The Design of the V.Flash is a Large Grey/Blue Box with a Top loading V.Disc tray on top. In Europe the console had an clear orange piece on the tray & had orange feet.

List of V.Discs

Title Year Notes
Bratz Fashion Pixiez: The Secret Necklace
Cars: In the Fast Lane
Disney Princess: The Crystal Ball Adventure
Multisports ~2008? This game was exclusive

to European countries.

Scooby-Doo!: Ancient Adventure
Shrek the Third: The Search for Arthur
Spongebob SquarePants: Idea Sponge 2006
The Amazing Spider-Man: Countdown to Doom
The Incredibles: Mission Incredible
Wacky Race on Jumpin' Bean Island 2006
National Geographic Kids TBA 2007 Unreleased, only proof being

in a 2007 VTech catalog.


  • This console is the most powerful, and advanced Vtech console.
  • The V.Flash is the second most failed console in the V. series of consoles, with the first being the V.Smile Baby.
  • The console has no copy protection outside of the V.Disc's design, meaning you can play pirated games via the included empty disc caddy, and with the disc in the console to have the button in the disc tray held down which is usually only pressed by the V.Disc inside the console

Technical Info

  • Format of the V.Disc are ISO-9660
  • The console includes the following technology
    • LSI Zevio
    • Mascot Capsule (Java 3D)
    • Koto 2D/3D Graphics Core
    • Access Co. Ltd. MicroMore OS
  • The image files on the discs are .PTX format in 1024x128 15-bit (xBBBBBGGGGGRRRRR) with a 44 byte header.
    • To view on a PC the bytes have to be swapped, then converted to 24-bit. A utility to automate this process can be found here.Use the following to use the program "DecodePTX Infile.ptx Outfile.raw"
    • After the above has been done, you can view the image in Photoshop with the following settings
      • 1024x128, Channel Count: 3, Interleaved, 8 Bits
  • The videos are in MJP (Motion JPEG) format, and to use you have to byte swap the file, and clip everything up to "R r" in the file (offset 76).
    • VLC seems to have issues with Motion JPEGS, even with MJPEG driver installed. (See if this is fixed in latest VLC Player version)
  • The audio files are in SND format, which are just PCM WAV files.
    • Some games also use .AIF files, which can be played with VLC Player
  • Running "strings" on the binary reveals "MORE v4.0 SDK ARM9T version"
  • The console is rated at 1.5 million polygons, and power wise is comparable to consoles like the Sega Saturn.



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