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VTech Invaders was a Space Invaders clone in the form of an LCD handheld game Released In 1980, and later in 1981 under the name Sonic Invader with some updates to the physical design.

Revision Differences

  • The Missile control slider to the left of the button has changed from a white/red nub switch, to a larger, and easier to handle black switch.
  • Priztronic's Galactic Invaders release of the game adds text showing the function of the input above the buttons, which VTech's Invaders, and Sonic Invader lacks.
  • The shape of the front facing outer plastic is different
    • There is a Green grid design sticker above the screen on the Sonic Invader, and Cosmic Invader releases, and uses a different front facing plastic shape to fit this design change.
    • Invaders uses an all red switch, while Priztronic's Galactic Invaders uses a white nub with a red base.
    • Invaders, and Priztronic's Galactic Invaders generally uses the same design
    • Sonic Invader, and Cosmic Invader also uses a near identical design


  • This console was also released under the name "Sonic Invader" with only aesthetic changes being made.
    • Also released by Grandstand as Cosmic Invader, and Prinztronic as Galactic Invaders.

Technical Info

  • 700255: Main Board (Specify which release this is to)
  • Say what version of the console this is to, and put that in the model section of the infobox. "Model: 80-0155"


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  1. A page about the game handheld on the online Handheld Museum, which also has links to these other releases of the same console.