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Cars: Rev It Up in Radiator Springs is a 2008 V.Smile game based on the 2006 Pixar film, Cars. In this game, Lightning McQueen is stranded in town on his way to the big race. When the town is damaged by a gang of tractors, he wants you to help his new friends put the town back together. Help McQueen rebuild the town while learning lots of new skills like math, shapes and logic.


Learning Adventure

  • Arriving in Radiator Springs

Help Lightning find his driver, Mack, on the Interstate but make sure he avoids other vehicles and traffic cones. Use the joystick to move Lightning. Check for the trucks you met by remembering the icon on their trailers.

Learning Zone

  • Neon Magic

Time to light up Radiator Springs! Some of the electric wires aren’t connected properly. Repair the wires by pressing ENTER to rotate them and switch on the power box to light up the neon lights.

  • Junkyard Fun

Sort the stuff in Mater’s junkyard. Sort the items into 2 groups by placing them in the correct circle.

  • Pitstop Frenzy

Use your crew to catch 4 tires with the correct number and place them on the car in your pit. Catch tires with the correct numbers to make the fastest tire changes.

  • Random Road Signs

Each road sign has a picture on it. Pair up the road signs with different cars and their functions.

Learning Content

The Chinese version has the most with 9, while all others has 7.

  • Letters
  • Vocabulary
  • Mathematics
  • Logic
  • Observation
  • Classification
  • Map Skills

Reginal Differences

  • The copyright text says the game is copyright 2006, while the Chinese version says it's 2007.
    • The Chinese version has a dark blue outline for the copyright text, while the rest has it's outline be black
  • The Learning Content label uses a green gradient for the background, and the text is green while the Chinese release uses an orange gradient, with the logo also being grey



  • This is one of few games to not be developed by VTech.
    • The developer of this game, Buena Vista Games, was spun off of Disney Interactive Studios to make Disney games for mobile devices, and later on went to form Fall Line Studio to continue development of Disney games on the Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS consoles.


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