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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 14 September 2021

Characters Now Allowed

I've decided to allow character articles on this wiki yet again, but the only way they can have an article on here is if there an original creation from VTech, or was licensed out by VTech to be created for them, and originally exclusively for them.

Examples that are allowed

  • V.Pal - Mascot for the V series of consoles

Examples of what's not allowed

  • Any character owned by a company not associated with VTech even if they licensed the use of there ip to VTech (Disney, Nickelodeon)
  • Fanon characters - Fan creations completely original (This is only fine on user's talk pages, blog posts, and Disquss)
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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 17 July 2021

Hacking Info On VTech Laptops

I found this blogspot that has some cool hacking info on the following VTech systems. I've posted all the ones on this first page on this blogpost.

  • Z80 Processor (Used in loads of VTech laptops)
  • Genius Leader 6000SL
    • Running a Raycaster demo with graphical mode, and in 20x4 text mode.
    • Hello World program w/custom font rendering
  • VTech Parallel Buddy (Homebrew cartridge for various VTech laptops for custom code)
  • VTech Genius Leader Dev Kit, VGLDK (Homebrew SDK for creating homebrew for the Genius Leader laptops)
  • Genius Leader 4000 Quadro
    • Zork port on this system
    • Zork port again
    • CP/M port
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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 20 April 2021

V.Smile Dumping With Auduino

I found a blog from Team Europe, a dumping team that focuses on preserving more obscure game consoles that most would'int care about with one of them being the V.Smile. I'm specifically referring to this post showing off an Auduino device that let's you dump V.Smile games among others like Leapfrog carts.

That post also mentions some games uses two chips for the data instead of one, which are older grey carts, and games that take up more space like with Toy Story 3 on the V.Smile.

Here's a link to that post which has everything you need to get started dumping your own V.Smile collection.

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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 24 March 2021

V.Link Software

I contacted V.Tech to see if they had the V.Link drivers on there servers still, here's what they said.

Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, as much as we'd like to help, we have stopped producing this product for some time and we don't have the set up files anymore.

Thankfully the drivers have been found, and I'll post links to those here soon.

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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 13 March 2021

The V.Smile In China

Today I have gotten a lot of V.Smile games that I imported from China all of which are the Chinese versions which all have some interesting changes, and all seem to have more content than there other language releases. I will post updates to those articles of the following games over time, and will try to hunt down more Chinese V.Smile games for sale. I have already stumbled on a few listings online.

  • English Park (AKA ABC Park Adventure)
  • Cars
  • Toy Story 2
  • Winnie The Pooh
  • Mickey Mouse Search for Pluto
  • The Lion King
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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 22 February 2021

V.Flash Homebrew

This forum topic talks about the possibility on homebrew on the V.Flash (AKA V.Smile Pro).

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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 2 September 2020

VTech Catalogs

I've scanned a few VTech catalogs I have, and included other I've found.

VTech 30 Years Catalog 95-00155-178-000 https://archive.org/details/VtechCatalog 

VTech World, ~80s, ~90s https://archive.org/details/vtechcatalog30yrs_95-00155-178-000/mode/2up

VTech Catalog 95-155-176 https://archive.org/details/vtechcatalog-95-155-176

--teh_supar_hackr (talk) 08:02, September 5, 2020 (UTC)

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Tehsuparhackr Tehsuparhackr 2 September 2020

Where to find the Game ID for V.Smile games

For those who want to find where the game ID for a V.Smile game is located for an article on this wiki, or for finding that product itself if from an image not from a store.

V.Smile / Motion - One of the corners of the front label (most times lower right, or lower left under the V.Smile logo). Can also be found on the back label on the lower right corner sometimes. On the box itself the ID can be found on the lower left corner under the barcode, on the lower right of the back of the box, or sometimes the lower left edge of the back of the box, sideways.

V.Smile Motion - Only V.Smile Motion games can find the ID on the back of the box with the slow on the right side under the game info which is a window that goes to the cartridge on the insid…

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