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Alphabet Park Adventure is a platformer game released from 2004 to ~2007, and was published by VTech. and under license from Zamperla Amusments Inc


Learning Adventure

The game is the usual platformer where you have to walk through and save all the power rings that powers the park itself. While going through these stages, you will have to solve a problem relating to learning the Alphabet.

In the revision of the game with the character redesigns, they add new mini-games to the stages.

Learning Adventure Mini-Games
Name Description

Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is comprised of 4 different mini-games.

Add descriptions on the games, how to play them, ect.

  • Letter Order
  • Letter Cases
  • Spelling
  • Colors and Shapes

Sing Along

Someone with access to the game should add a list of songs, and the gameplay of this mode. The menu for this mode shows a "Dance Moves" feature.

BTW for the transcript portion of the table, insert a link to a sub-article to this that will be for that Song's transcript. The summary should be a short description on what the song is about.

This is the new feature that was added in the revision that changed the characters' designs.

Song Name Summary Transcript
Alphabet Song The ABCS Link
Mary Had a Little Lamb Link
Row, Row, Row Your Boat Link
Old MacDonald Had a Farm Link
London Bridge Link

Learning Content

The Chinese version has this game as an English card, and has 5 content, while the others have 7.

  • Letters
  • Alphabet Order
  • Objects
  • Shapes
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Colors


Learning Adventure

[Maybe add some info on the stages, the kind of puzzles, and enemies within the stages.]

  1. Toy Park [Stage Layout]
  2. Monsterville [Stage Layout]
  3. Jungle Ride
  4. Bug World [Stage Layout]
  5. Secret Garden
  6. Fun Fair


Image Name Type Abilities Stages Notes
Boy Playable All Has two designs
Girl Playable All Has two designs
Grandpa Friendly Tells you the stats

at the end of a stage

None (only on the

Stats, and titlescreen)

Has two designs
Male Narrator Friendly Says instructions,

and selected option

None (Is for the hud) Used on the menus of the

original release

Female Narrator Friendly Says instructions,

and selected option

None (Is for the hud) Used on the menus of the


Hippo Enemy Stand Toy Park Is in Blue, and Purple.

Could also voice the host

in Monsterville's Quiz room.

Robot Enemy Walk towards you

Falls from the sky

Toy Park
Jack in the Box Enemy Springs out of it's box Monsterville I think there in both

Purple, and Blue boxes.

Evil Toxic Enemy Float, split up Monsterville, maybe

Fun Fair

Duck Ridable Allows the player to

navigate on water.

Jungle Ride Is larger than the enemy
Chick Enemy Swim in a direction Jungle Ride
Croc Enemy Swim in a direction,

chases player

through logs.

Jungle Ride
Lady Bug Enemy Flies around vines Bug World Is in red, and purple
Butterfly Friendly Nothing Jungle Ride, Bug World,

Secret Garden

It acts as a background

object,appears as an

end stage effect in Bug

World, and maybe

Jungle Ride.

Bees Enemy Fly in place, and in

a pattern

Secret Garden
Pogo Stick


Enemy Will jump on

platforms in an odd


Fun Fair
Unicycle Clown Enemy Moves back and

forth on a rope

Fun Fair


Enemy Hovers in place

while spitting colored


Fun Fair


  • This was one of the pack in title for the V.Smile
  • This is one of the most well known games on the V.Smile
  • The original version uses pre-rendered images for things like the Titlescreen, cutscenes, and possibly the characters.
  • French version of this game's box uses an image of the pre-release console which is barely visible on the box itself
    • The pre-release cartridge label is also in use in the image of the V.Smile shown on the box, though only in official images of the packaging from VTech's site.
    • Was this use of the pre-release console also on other physical boxes of the game?
  • The game had it's characters re-designed to be the newly introduced characters from V.Tech. This has happened to other games.
    • These characters may have had it's earliest appearance be on the V.Smile game "Learnin' Wheels" (or maybe "Whiz Kid Wheels").
    • Those characters also had appetences in other games such as Smart Keyboard.
  • The Chinese version may have taught English to the Chinese market judging by the game being known as English Parade over there.
  • This game has rare artwork depicting the boy looking at the distance to a structure with some letters falling from the sky in the same way as the Learning Zone mini-game "Letter Order".
    • This image also shows a dog/cat character standing next to the kid who outside of this image is never seen, or mentioned at all.
    • The cartridge in the console shows what seems to be a rendition of the park's layout on the stage select screen.

Regional Differences

  • The titlescreen has a slight change between the Chinese version, and worldwide release (Original versions)
  • Some regions of the game such as German has a line put through the center of the 7, which this doesn't have in the American, or UK releases.



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  3. A link to the V.Smile commercial which features many pre-release labels for games, and a few differences in the game, like use of a unused game from a stage, or mini-game, and changes within Toy Park.
  4. An article talking about the V.Smile console which has the rare render of the game's artwork on the TV.
  5. The game on sockscap64.com