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In Air/Sea Attack[1] you shoot down other planes, submarines, and boats.


Below is a list of battles the game has. All the text for this section is from the game's manual[2].

  • Battle #1 - The ruthless enemy send his Air Force against you. They sneakily attack in four levels and from both directs
  • Battle #2 - The despicable enemy, realizing your skill and daring sends his fastest airships against you. They sportingly attack very quickly, in four levels and from both directions.
  • Battle #3 - Not playing fair at all, the rotten enemy sends both his Air Force and his Navy against you. They attack without mercy from 8 levels and from both directions
  • Battle #4 - Wanting to win at any cost, the dirty enemy sends in his very fastest planes and boats. Cowards that they are, they attack very quickly in 8 levels and from both directions.
  • Battle #5 - Playing dirty, the cunning enemy tries to catch you unaware by attacking with his navy both on the water and under it! While you are watching for planes that never come, his boats and submarines attack in 8 levels, sneaking in from both directions.
  • Battle #6 - With no warning, the no-good enemy sends his very fastest moving ships and submarines against you. They pull quick sneak attacks in 8 levels and from both directions.
  • Battle #7 - Crazy with fear, the mad enemy attacks in the air, on the water and under the water, from 12 levels and from both directions.
  • Battle #8 - Hopeing to finish you off the evil smirking enemy sends everything he's got against you. His very fastest planes, ships and submarines try very quick hit-and-run tactics, attacking from 12 levels and both directions
  • Battle #9 (2 Player Only) - Each hand control moves a gunsight of a different colour. None of the targets have bombs or depth charges, so you must out-shoot the other player. Your only enemy is time. You must shoot more targets than the other player within the 4 minute time limit. As targets move in 12 levels and from both directions.
  • Battle #10 (2 Player Only) - Afraid of your expert marksmanship, the target craft all speed up, moving very quickly from both directions in 12 levels. Both plays will have to shoot everything very well to hit anything at all during the 4 minute time limit.


The score will appear for both players on the top corners of the screen under 1UP, and 2UP.

Below is a table showing the point value for each target you can hit.

Level Target Points
1 Fighter Planes 4
2 Helicopter Gunships 3
3 Bombers 2
4 Jet Bombers 1
5 Torpedo Boats 9
6 Cruisers 8
7 Destroyers 7
8 Battleships 7
9 Mini-subs 6
10 U-boats 6
11 Submarines 5
12 Nuclear submarines 5


  • The game Air Sea Battle for the Atari 2600 has a similar name, despite the different gameplay style, perspective, and developer.