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Action Mania was a launch title for the V.Smile Motion.


This game doesn't have a Learning Zone, and Learning Adventure, but instead has different categories with two mini-games for each one.

# Title Description
Rapid Race Is themed on Racing.
1 Street Race You're driving on a road, avoiding

obstacles, collecting stars, and

finding the right letter for the shown word.

2 Bobsled Same gameplay as Street Race, but

has a bird's eye perspective, and is

themed after Bobsledding.

Backyard Party The category is themed off balls.
1 Balance It You are on a ball collecting healthy foods while dodging the bad food, and

obstacles in the way.

2 Bouncing Ball You sort balls by color.
Raise a Racket A category themed after Tennis
1 Competition You have to time the button press, or controller swing to hit the ball in a tennis match. You cannot manually move.
2 Good Aim Same gameplay as Competition, but instead of 2 players, is one against a goal to aim at.

Learning Content

The game's age group is 3-7 (3-5 in Spain, and Netherlands, 3-6 in Germany, and 4-7 in France)

  • Letters & Spelling
  • Motor Skills
  • Healthy Food
  • Counting
  • Colors
  • Number Order & Comparison
  • Classification

Known Glitches, and Bugs

  • In the Backyard Party, pausing when the camera is moving will keep moving with the game paused.



  1. kidits.net showing the Spain release of the game in a box for sale
  2. Wellindal showing the game for 12.10 euros.
  3. Amazon Germany's listing of this game
  4. Gameplay footage of Action Mania
  5. Footage showing the pause glitch in the Backyard Party mini-game